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 Apartment interior for a contemporary family in Seattle, USA

Apartment interior for a contemporary family in Seattle, USA


Typical challenges that apartments face are lack of space and lack of natural light. A bit of clever design can go a long way in making the most of what you have.  This is an interior remodel of an apartment in Seattle. The main challenge for the design was to get enough natural light into the 60ft (20m) deep floor plan and of course meet a tight budget. This challenge was increased as we were not allowed to modify any external fenestration and locations of plumbing elements.

A series of sliding black framed glass partitions with recessed black timber blinds and black sheer curtains allow light and views through the whole depth of the apartment while providing various levels of privacy.

The material palette is kept fairly neutral and consists of white washed timber floors, matt white and black surfaces, carrara marble and dimmable lighting throughout.  Click here for more images of this project.

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Above is a modern extension, with a courtyard, to a traditional villa in a conservation zone in Auckland. The subdued design palette allows it to sit well with the existing home without mimicking it.  Below is another urban extension to a heritage home utilising herringbone oak floors, carrara marble, walnut and fluted glass to tie in with the natural brick exterior.

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 A proposed new farm house located at Bream Tail, Mangawhai Heads.

A proposed new farm house located at Bream Tail, Mangawhai Heads.


Surrounded in lush green pastures, farm homes often have a rustic quality about them, both through their design and through their location and contextual relationship to their  surroundings. It is difficult to move away from the beloved gabled form, for these homes, which comes from the traditional farm house design. 

atelier aitken architect mangawhai heads modular prefab house


This particular project is based on a 6x6m module.

Enclosed living and sleeping pods can come in 6x6, 6x12 or 6x18m modules. A connecting pod is generally 6x6m but this can vary. The landscape modules can be selected as desired and these will be prefabricated also. All windows and sliding doors fit into the module. The interiors will be lined in timber. There will be various cladding options available. Click here for more images of this project.

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This is a 3 level beach home with impressive vistas of the East Coast in Australia. The building envelope was fairly tight with limited window openings on either side and so we created a light filled entrance axis to create a central socialising space that also brought light into the bedrooms adjacent to the space. The client wanted a white timber beach home that tied in closely with the existing traditional, gabled home at the base of the hill.



Jo is such a talent. We were blown away by her previous projects (both residential & commercial) so were very excited to have her on board to create a beach & farm holiday retreat for our family. Initially we considered a pre-fabricated building and Jo was very responsive to this idea, coming up with a creative, innovative and detailed concept that really fulfilled our brief. Unfortunately pre-fabrication wasn’t going to work well on our site however the underlying ideas and concept drawings were very much what we envisioned and would still work well with a traditional build.
We love the clever, subtle design features Jo comes up with - features we would never have thought of but which will really make a difference to the look and feel of the house. Her attention to detail with her designs is second to none and all the proposals and concept drawings were so well presented, really bringing the designs to life.
She is always open to our ideas & suggestions (and ever changing minds) and is able to interpret these ideas into concrete creation.
We have really enjoyed our planning sessions with Jo, seeing the original concept really evolve and we can’t wait to enter the next phase with the build due to begin in March!
— Melanie and Paul Thomson (Inzone Industries and Smart Energy Solutions)
Jo and her team at Atelier Aitken are very talented and a pleasure to work with and we have no hesitation in recommending them. Jo first designed us a stunning residential apartment in Seattle, followed by a winter cabin in Snoqualmie, USA. We absolutely love our home, which saw the transformation of dark 200sqm space into a beautiful, light filled, contemporary home that is fantastic for entertaining both our friends, and our adventurous toddler. She will carefully work with your brief while surprising you with ideas that often become the best feature of the home. Continuing our creative journey with Atelier Aitken, we are now working collaboratively on some exciting commercial projects.
— Eric Swift (General Manager, Commercial Lead, Microsoft Australia) and Danica Swift (WW Business Management Lead, WW Consumer Channel, Microsoft Global)